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Fragments of the past

The former liege mill is one of the oldest buildings in Český Krumlov. Its origins date back to 1347 when it was mentioned in the writings of Peter I of Rožmberk. The parcel no. 80 has been explicitly listed within the built-up area since 1514.


In 1596 Petr Vok of Rožmberk gave up his servile wages for the benefit of the town; thus the mill became a municipal property. Major reconstructions followed in 1608 – 1611. The name of the first city miller was Mates Schemerle; Antonín Postel took over as the first emphyteutic owner (i.e. an owner sharing a property with authorities and the landlord) in 1782.


It was then that today's house no. 80 was separated from a house no. 82 and other buildings located on the Krumlov “island”. Back then, the weir next to the mill was part of its property.


The mill became a private property in 1850.

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