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Motorcycles, antiques shop and art gallery

The museum was originally located on the ground floor of the building, unfortunately the flood in 2002 did its thing. It is now located on the first floor of the building.

At present, there are more than 30 motorcycles of various Czech and foreign brands, including Jawa, ČZ, BMW and Harley Davidson, as well as items related to the history of motoring.


You can also see antique furniture or clock tower machines.


The offer of antiquity is diverse, starting with various details such as jewelry, coins, pocket watches, pipes, glass and porcelain, then wall clocks, paintings, ending with musical instruments. An exchange office is also a part of antiquity.

The gallery is not thematically one-sided, you will find picturesque nooks  Krumlov streets, portraits or religious themes. 

The dominant feature are works of art by Krumlov painters Wilhelm Fischer and Bohuslav Coufal.

Open according to the restaurant's opening hours, or by appointment.

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