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Small hydroelectric power station

The first plans of the mill renovation included three new turbines: the large mill was powered with a large Jonval turbine and a Hague turbine, while the small was powered with a small Jonval turbine.


Around 1930, two high-speed Francis turbines were installed in the mill. These operate on a slope of 1.8 m and the capacity of both is 5 m3. In the past, the turbines were used to drive transmissions.


The turbines reconstruction commenced in 2002, and currently there are two generators providing approximately 55kW upon optimal water conditions. The energy produced by the generators is used for our own needs, and since 2005 the extra energy is being supplied to the distribution network.


Since the turbines as well as the engine room are located right next to the restaurant and the bar, the generators have to meet the minimum noise level requirement. 


When it comes to environmental friendliness, hydroelectronic power stations are among the oldest, the cheapest and the cleanest sources of energy.

The engine room is open to the public on request according to the restaurant's opening hours, or by appointment, and the visitors need to be accompanied by a member of the mill staff.

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